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From snap chat to chatting about the events of the world, join this exciting group of younger Millennials who will enlighten us with stimulating conversation pertaining to the truth and reality of one of the most intriguing generations of our time.


Favorite Tracks

  • Fantasy

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  • Letter to My Unborn Child

  • I Believe to My Soul

  • Sunshine

  • Sorry Is a Sorry Word



Ashton Reynolds –¬†graduated from Forest Park High School in 2012, where I excelled academically as well as in sports, particularly in basketball. It was also in high school that i developed my skills in rap. While in high school, I was also involved in battle rap and finished off with an astounding 83-0 record. After graduating from high school, my mother grew ill. That forced me to put college on holdd so that I could take care of her until her passing last year in January. It was during this time that i developed an entrepreneurial mindset. I started writing down all of my talents and decided to create a business that would allow me to use all of my gifts. I also applied the knowledge that my mother called me since she ran her own business as well. I also had numerous obstacles to overcome as well. For instance, for a period, I stayed in a house with no lights and hot water. I also had to live in extended stay hotels and move in with friends. One thing that I had started back doing was going back to church to get my relationship back right with God. That turned out to be the best decision that I made because I allowed God to control every aspect of my life. That resulted in being removed from drama or anything negative and being put in the right positions at the right time as well as having doors opened recently that I didn’t even think was going to open so soon. Now, at the age of 22, I run a business called Blessed Koast Enterprises LLC which utilizes all forms of entertainment to spread positivity as well as the word of God. I am also apart of WIGO 1570 AM radio show Real Talk Sports Radio. I work with Twins Sports TV. I am also apart of WCEG Talk Radio (Worldwide Community Empowerment Group). Every first Saturday of each month, we host a show called Millenial Talk: All Male Edition, which features Ashton Reynolds, Darius Carmichael, Wildon Reynolds, and Joshua Guest. On the show, we discuss societal issues, politics, education, sports, recent updates in the entertainment industry, problems effecting the youth, etc. Ashton is also apart of Millenial Talk 2.0 with Kyle, Renita, and Carlton as the co-hosts. Ashton first started at WCEG after being featured as a guest on Conversation in Education with Vincent Cheeks.


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