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Show-Ability Talent Showcase



Performer with Autism, DELVIS—The Elvis Entity, Serves as Headline Act


Atlanta, GA…Monday, September 24…. Abel 2 Nonprofit, an Atlanta-based 501c3 organization working to elevate activism, education and representation for people with disabilities through the arts, has created SHOW-Ability ™, a welcoming and entertaining talent showcase for performing artists with disabilities, and their friends, families and care giving supporters.

 With the mission to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and the underserved through music and arts opportunities for both employment and enjoyment, Abel 2’s SHOW-Ability™ production, is designed to offer environments that are safe and enjoyable for people with disabilities to come alone or with friends and family.

“Our mission is to work towards dismantling unintended barriers when it comes to people with disabilities, Abel 2 wants to bring visibility and opportunities to performing artists who are differently-able and help them become self confident agents of change,” says Myrna Clayton, Abel 2’s founder and producer of SHOW-Ability™.“

In celebration of 28 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Abel 2 Nonprofit is hosting its SHOW-Ability™ talent showcase to promote visibility of vast capabilities within the disability community.  SHOW-Ability™ features bold, audacious performers with disabilities of all types, specially designed for an audience of people with disabilities and their care giving communities: parents, caregivers, siblings, friends, etc.

The event, scheduled for late October 2018 during National Disability Employment Awareness Month, will also include an interactive “Talk-Back” session at the end of the concert.

Created and produced by Myrna Clayton,  an internationally renowned jazz singer, artist development coach, as well as founder and executive director of Abel 2,  the SHOW-Ability™ line-up includes headliner, DELVIS—The Elvis Entity,  a captivating entertainer on the autism spectrum; singer Rusty Taylor, a quadriplegic, who beautifully croons Jazz standards; hilariously funny comedian Mr. MiraKool, who has cerebral palsy; poetic author Christy Priester, who is a wheelchair user and the Fashion by D’Shacourt Limitless Models.

Abel 2 Nonprofit has also created a crowd funding campaign to help raise funds to produce both the 2018 event and a 2019 multi-city Georgia tour of SHOW-Ability™. They are hoping to raise between a minimum of $8,500 for the 2018 event and ultimately $50,000, for the 2019 tour.

“Abel 2 believes that every artist deserves a stage and every audience deserves a good time and people with disabilities are an overlooked, but vital part of that equation,” says Clayton.  “The disability community is a vital and viable population representing  two billion people globally (over 64 million in the U.S. alone) and includes every race, culture, economic status and gender.  Although 1 in 5 people in America have a disability, the population is often overlooked, but we are working diligently to help change that,” she said.

The SHOW-Ability™ talent showcase takes place on Thursday, October 25, beginning at 10:00am at Friendship Theatre, inside of Friendship Baptist Church, located at 80 Walnut Street, Atlanta, GA 30314. Tickets are $5.  To purchase tickets, go to www.eventbrite.com/e/show-abilitytm-tickets-50525097928. For information on donations, go to www.gofundme.com/showability.

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