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Conversations in Education

The focus of the show will be to inform the public of all things related to education and students. We will discuss everything from why education is important, school curriculums, education in politics, college, and students who are excelling in school and active and their communities. We will highlight community organizations that work with schools and students to help better prepare them for their future. We will also offer solutions as to how to help improve upon education. We will have special invited guests to help facilitate the conversations.

WCEG Convo in Education final Oct 2015

Top 5 Ways to Make the World a Better Place

  • Develop a sincere relationship with God.

  • Promote self Love and Love for others.

  • Be of positive service to your community.

  • Promote education.

  • Support global diversity & equality.




VINCENT CHEEKS, is the host of WCEG’s, Conversations in Education. I am a native of Albany, Ga. but grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. and currently reside in Atlanta, Ga. I am a writer, an actor, music and TV host, a spoken word artist, community activists & an entrepreneur. I believe very strongly in uplifting the community and feel that entertainers & athletes should do as much as they can to support the community. I am a former educator and believe that education is the foundation that is needed for anyone to be a productive member of society. My mission is to properly educate the youth in school and in life and to nurture their talents and self-image.

The primary goal I want to accomplish through all of my entertainment endeavors is to build a spiritually based, performance arts school for inner city kids. A school where kids can get a quality education and learn one or more forms of the performing arts. I would also like to incorporate a program where kids can perform community service for money towards a college education.  As a former elementary school teacher, I believe that a quality education and expression through the arts are vital for our children.  I believe in strengthening all  communities and that the arts are a great way to bring people together.

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