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David Mitchell is an Detroit native and self-taught artist who’s been letting his imagination run wild since he could hold a crayon.  He got the idea to channel that imagination through drawing by his first and greatest inspiration, his brother Devon Puckett.  Growing up the two pushed each other to be greater than their current selves.  But it wasn’t until 1995 that Mitchell’s life would change forever.   His first rival, inspiration, and brother was murdered by his stepfather. After piecing together his world he decided that he would continue praising God, learning the truths of the world, and becoming the best creative artist as he could be in every since of the word.  Post graduating with a Bachelor’s of Arts from Clark Atlanta University Mitchell’s creativity helped him to go on to become a creative, fine artist, budding screenwriter, playwright (Ruth the Stage play), and published author/artist/creator (Pale Drifter).


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