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Ashante’ McClure

Millennial Talk 2.0

From snap chat to chatting about the events of the world, join this exciting group of younger Millennials who will enlighten us with stimulating conversation pertaining to the truth and reality of one of the most intriguing generations of our time.



12039754_1589521571337877_7091325558464528447_nAshante’ McClure is sixteen years old and is in the tenth grade.

  • She loves doing extra curricular activities and spending time with her friends.
  • Ashante’s favorite hobby is to dance.
  • Her favorite quote is “If life isn’t always a bed of roses, remember who wore the thorns”- Anonymous.
  • Ashante’s favorite singer is Alessia Cara.
  • Her favorite book is “Out Of My Mind ” by Sharon M Draper.





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