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Bersabeh Kifle

Millennial Talk with Host Bersabeh Kifle

Join Bersabeh for a show that will examine current events from a Millennial Generation Perspective (politics, mental health and relationships (just to name a few).


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Professional Bio

BERSABEH KIFLE, is a host of WCEG’s, #millennialtalk. As Β a native Ethiopian Bersabeh Kifle has always been fascinated with the western culture since she can remember. Now that it has been well over a decade since she has been in the states, she is ready to share what it is like to be part of the β€œmillennial” generation in the US and in general. Bersabeh has been in sales for most of her professional career, and is currently working in the corporate world of T-Mobile. Besides bringing positivity to her show, her curiosity of our society today will take us on a journey of wide variety of topics.


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