The Georgia Poor People’s Campaign Partner Organization & Advocate Base Building Session – M.O.R.E.3

today February 19, 2022

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Date: February 19, 2022
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The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Moral Revival for the state of Georgia is inviting you to join them for their next events in February:

Saturday, February 5: The Georgia Poor People’s Campaign joins Oakhurst Baptist Church to hear from GAPPC’s Coordinating Committee members and special guests about the Poor People’s Campaign, issues impacting our communities and ways to act for change. Please register at:

Saturday, February 19: Join GAPPC at 1pm to discuss where you can plug in to help us dig in. We invite those with organizations that advocate for common causes and individual advocates to be strategic or tactical partners as we move #ForwardTogether in doing M.O.R.E3. Please register at to learn more:

Begin February 19, 2022 H 1:00 pm
End February 19, 2022
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