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Xperience Connections – Two Year Partnership Anniversary

11am – 2 pm.

Networking for women. Our mission is to encourage and facilitate the growth, performance and integrity of professional women by creating opportunities to foster relationships through a creative exchange of information and referrals.  BECAUSE OF THE CURRENT HEALTH SITUATION WE WILL BE MEETING VIRTUALLY THIS MONTH AND ALL GUESTS MAY REGISTER USING THE $5 LEADER RATE.  Registrations will be non-refundable and final, discounted payments may not be rolled forward.  Registration will include a roster and 3 minutes to highlight your business, interest or cause.  When possible, you will also receive a copy of the meeting recording afterwards so you can review and evaluate your presentation. You must pre-pay at www.XperienceConnections.com/Alpharetta-Milton to confirm your reservation and receive the roster and meeting links.  Please private message Carol Dressler Neal BEFORE registering to make sure your industry slot is available before paying.  You will receive your roster and the link for the Zoom meeting prior to the meeting and will receive a final roster and link for the recording (if available) afterwards.  If you are unable to participate online we will be happy to read your 3 minutes for you if you forward it to Carol at least one hour before the meeting.

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