Ashton Reynolds


In 2015, Ashton Reynolds started his first business called Blessed Koast Enterprises LLC. The entire business name is a huge acronym which stands for Bible Lifts Everyone’s Spirit So Everyone Decides Kingdom Overrules All Standing Temptations. It was created during the lowest point of his life to visualize where God will take him. “I knew this wasn’t the finish line. I always knew that God would use this moment to show up and show out”, Ashton would always say. As a result, Ashton started using this as fuel to create a kingdom entertainment umbrella that allowed for all his gifts to be utilized. From music to merchandise to short films, Blessed Koast has built a social media presence that grew both organically and incrementally on numerous social media platforms. On social media, Blessed Koast is known for delivering the Word of God in creative ways. Recently, it has become Ashton’s publishing company for his music catalog. “As my business acumen started to grow, I started to realize the space that I was in. I knew that the reach that Blessed Koast has could continue to grow in the business world. After becoming an ordained minister, I wanted to have a ministry outside of the business that can work hand in hand with it. That is when the Lord gave me The Cool Experience”, Ashton explained.

In May of 2022, The Cool Experience was created with the intent to bring all forms of Gospel music under one roof to bridge the generational gaps so we all can be on one accord. The unique name allows for it to travel both in and out of churches to reach all whom the Lord has called. In one year, so many partnerships have been made, souls saved, and progression made. This is all done to show how God can change your life once He is the head of your life. The great thing about it is that He isn’t finished. There’s more in store. That fact keeps Ashton humbled and looking forward to what is next.

Ashton Reynolds became an ordained minister in January of 2023. Now at age 29, he has won numerous awards for his work in numerous fields of entertainment for his music, short films, limited series called “Becoming the Gentleman”, for being an instrumentalist, actor, and more. Despite the accolades, Ashton remains the same. “This is all God’s doing. I just want to please Him and all the things that come are as a result of. I have no room to boast. Only to get better.” With that being said, may the world be ready for what the Lord does next through Ashton Reynolds.

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Millennial Talk: Blessed Koast Edition