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Celeste Giordano

About Celeste Giordano, Master Sales Strategist, Consultant & Speaker

Armed with over 42 years of in-the-trenches sales and business development experience, Celeste teaches proven strategies designed to empower sales teams, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to double their income and build prosperous legacy businesses.

During three decades in direct sales working for a nationally known company, Celeste mastered the art of lead development, closing deals, and network marketing. In that time, she taught entrepreneurs to build and run successful businesses. She has been recognized for breaking sales records and surpassing her goals time and time again, even winning a new car for her efforts.

Now Celeste partners with sales team leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners, giving them the tools to achieve real personal and financial success. She helps small to medium-sized businesses shift from selling to people to serving them, and when you make that shift, sales skyrocket.


A Personal Message from Celeste…

“I have over 42 years of actual, in-the-trenches sales results. I guarantee you will enjoy the look on your audience’s faces as they learn my proven methods, and – more importantly – the outstanding results they will achieve when they apply them.

“My speaking style is best described as frank, fair, firm, and fun. One moment your group will be laughing hysterically and the next they will be looking deep within themselves examining their core essence.

“My promise to you is an experience that will open their eyes, minds, and hearts to what is possible when a human being fully commits to reaching their highest level of success.”

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